December 8th, 2010

We Can Make It out now!

The Enemy Lovers new single, We Can Make It, is now available for free download.

A gift to you this Christmas holiday. Read the full story here.

Click here to download

December 7th, 2010

Tim and Steven radio interview tonight

To coincide with today’s release of We Can Make It (at 8pm EST), Steven and I will be heading into AshevilleFm radio station for a chat. You can listen online, from everywhere.

Details are as follows:

AshevilleFm Studio A – Fuzzy Bunny Cuddle Time Hour
Dirk Flytrap and The Doctor interview from 7.30pm
Listen/watch online

The band will also be playing a no cover show tomorrow night at Stella’s (college st.) 9pm.  More Details

December 1st, 2010

We Can Make It release

Next week at 8pm Wednesday December 8th we are releasing a new song called “We Can Make It”.  It will be FREE!

Steven and I wrote this song when we were at the end and beginning of a lot of things.  While I was writing the lyrics, Steven was recording a perfectly amazing guitar solo that I can’t wait for you to hear.  The mic was about 10 feet from his amp, because we hadn’t set it up yet, but what he played sounded so good we kept it.  Then for the end of the song we both gathered around the same mic to record the vocal harmonies live.  It was a warm family feeling and that must be why it came out sounding like a song that should be released at Christmas time.  This is the time of year when we all get the chance to come together and start over.

Peace and Love

The Enemy Lovers

November 30th, 2010

Songs for Christmas - presented by Sufjan Stevens!

Since the review I wrote a couple weeks ago about Sufjan Stevens’ new album “Age of Adz” (Click here to read) I haven’t listened to anything else! A bit enthralled you could say. So last week when I sat down to write another music review I was at a loss , because I literally wasn’t listening to anything else.

Then with the holiday season upon us I was trying to find some music to fit the christmas spirit and still offers the inspiration. And finally I remembered that Sufjan Stevens released Christmas music in 2006! So as you can guess I’ve been listening to that like crazy and it’s perfect. Somehow it manages to feel like Sufjan AND Christmas at the same time! Do you need good Christmas music from someone other than the Rat Pack and Nat King Cole? This is it.

This massive 5 disc box set “Sufjan Stevens presents Songs for Christmas” is genuine. Holding the gravity of a holiday season that has become so glossy and fake in mainstream culture. This is a season of joy and pain, loss and sorrow, promise and hope. And this collection of songs will take you through all of those emotions. They won’t leave you with that plastic, over merchandised feeling, you get from the barrage of holiday marketing. Doesn’t it seem obvious that we want to hear music that is equally moving as is the holiday it was made for? And we don’t want to listen to hokey covers of the same christmas songs over and over again! This season truly effects all people and Sufjan’s Christmas music will truly effect you. I’m constantly amazed at Sufjan’s sound and his ability to orchestrate emotion into music.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a warm holiday. Love and peace.


PS – We’re giving you a brand new song this weekend for you’re holiday mix tape. It’s not a “Christmas Song” but when Steven and I wrote it we said it felt like the Christmas/New Years Holiday season vibe. So look for the new song on Dec. 4, 2010!

November 21st, 2010

Chillin' on the couch at Harvest Records with Mtn. Xpress

We sat down at Harvest Records with Dane Smith of Mtn. Xpress for a new video series called “My Side of the Mountain”.  We got to answer a few questions and play a couple new songs all whilst chillin on the couch!  Enjoy and share.

My Side of the Mountain: The Enemy Lovers from Mountain Xpress on Vimeo.