June 4th, 2011

Ezra on Guitar/My biggest inspiration!

When my nerves are shot and the pressure in my head is too much, this is how I relieve it! This is my biggest inspiration. Ezra! He’s really good and maybe left handed, although he will sometimes hold the guitar right handed. If you ask him to sing you a song he’ll make a 10 second song containing your name and maybe a cool verb like eating or sleeping. These are the amazing parts of life and the parts that make it so hard to leave our families and go to Germany. But we promise to come home…

June 2nd, 2011

The way we do things...

Tim and I are not the best planners.  There are a few who can attest to that BUT, with making a full length album in Germany we have had to become better planners. It helps that our wives are great planners!  Also Nicolas, our producer has been helping us out a lot.  He and his team Elephantom in Germany have been helping us with the budget and details in Germany, as well as some cool ideas for here.  Kiesha Jean, our little internet wizard, has also been lending very helpful hands.  All that to say, Tim and I are not as much planners but more visionaries.  (hmmmm hope that doesn’t sound egotistical)  We are more prone to get an idea and just start running instead of thinking it through or planning it out.  We have a great deal of excitement that flows through our veins and usually when something triggers it, it’s a free for all!

Tim and I have had this dream for as long as I can remember, to make our music.  Not mimic something but try and be a voice in a sea of echoes.  We have succeeded wonderfully and failed miserably but continued on to here.  The place we are now, with Germany ahead and a kickstarter fundraising page.  We are doing everything ourselves now, which can be good but it’s a lot of work.

My life for the next two months alone is more resembling of a tornado than anything else.  We decided to put it all in the hands of our fans.  Not just for the money, but actually try and relate to you and let you see who we are.  You know in the music industry it seems to be more about the image than anything else.  So I guess in that way we are trying to be different and let the fans see us more as we really are.  Truthfully…we are just two goof balls who love our wives and try and love life and people.  Hopefully with the “give and get” scenario we have going on our kickstarter we can start, even if a little, getting to know you.  Let you in on our journey and see where it takes us.

We have many things planned as far as Germany, the album, and life but something I learned awhile ago is that plans are great but the unexpected can bring you into places you never thought you would find yourself.  Case in point, GERMANY.  We had a whole other plan when we got the initial budget for Germany but plans changed, we reworked the budget several times and it has sent us on a path to here.  Although very hard, it has become adventurous and life changing.  All good things!  It feels right!

If you haven’t yet, go check out our kickstarter and look over the incentives.  You should be able to find something you want, or maybe you want to be the first to pledge $10,000 and come hang out with us for a while in Germany.  Either way, there is something for you there if you are an enemy lover.

ALSO, tell all of your friends to visit our kickstarter page or our webpage.  Share, Share, Share.  The easiest way to do that is click on the buttons below!

June 1st, 2011

New Pledge/Get Exclusive Download

One of our fans told us that if each of our followers pledged $37.11, we would make our goal on kickstarter!! (What is Kickstarter?) Even though every dollar of the $20,000 is budgeted with none to spare, it seemed like such a huge feat!! As soon as we heard $37.11 from each fan would reach our goal, we knew it was possible. This was an awesome realization for us! We immediately went to our campaign (Click to see!) and created a new pledge for $37. (We tried to make it for exactly $37.11 but the program rounds it off automatically.) So if you’re thinking that your money isn’t any good to us in light of our goal of $20,000 – STOP thinking that! It’s exactly what we need!! Some from each fan will make this project successful. Pledge at least this amount and we will send you an exclusive never before released demo song RIGHT AWAY!! If you can’t make this amount, team up with another fan and we will send you both this exclusive first version demo song. Kickstarter incentives are normally redeemed after the deadline and goal is reached, but we wanted you to know, that we know, that you are doing everything you can to help us reach our goal! And for that we want you to have something special now.

The feelings we’ve been through, putting ourselves out there to raise money (or rather asking people to believe in us so much they pledge their money!!), are humbling and intense. But it’s an incredible feeling to be supported directly by fans! Remember, if we don’t meet our goal on kickstarter, NO money is exchanged.

With this new pledge not only will you get the unreleased demo song NOW, but you will also get an advance WAV download of the NEW ALBUM before it’s released to the public, WAV downloads of our EP and Explode B-sides (if you don’t already have them…), the exclusive enemy lovers ring tone (which we will send to you so you can upload it to your phone!), your name listed on our website/facebook page as a supporter of the album and access to a protected link on our website of behind the scenes footage.

So go, pledge, and new music is yours!!!

May 26th, 2011

Moving to Germany on a personal note...

Have you ever believed against all odds you were supposed to do something? And you were completely at peace with putting everything on the line for that belief. This is it for me!! Moving my family to Germany is the craziest thing I’ve ever done or even thought about doing. But it actually makes sense in my heart, even though my head feels like a tornado! I’ve never moved away anywhere. Meagan and I got married when I was 20 and she was 19. We’ve lived 15 minutes from my family and 2 minutes from her family for 10 years. Seven years ago we bought a house and have lived here in Arden, NC ever since. We had Ezra 2 years ago and everything has been literally amazing! I love my life and think it’s beautiful!!

The Enemy Lovers were doing great too but we hadn’t made it as far along as I had anticipated. I thought our band would have signed a record deal by now and our careers would be in full swing. But instead everything kind of fell apart. We lost some momentum with the record labels, lost our producer, separated from our manager and then ran out of money. Nothing made sense until this!! This trip is an amazing opportunity for an adventure that we would’ve never agreed to… had everything gone as planned.

So we are selling everything, including our house, to get to Germany and see what happens!! That looks RIDICULOUS as I type it out right now, but it’s happening. Everything is on the line! Do you know how uncomfortable that feels? We close on June 13 and leave the next week!! The feelings inside of me are conflicting. I’m feeling the need to worry, in competition, with the peace I have to do what I know I was born to do.

These words express this feeling best. It’s from a demo song that we hope to put on the new album called “Be What You Need” -

“Make your bet, between your heart and head.
You’ve got to be brave these days, you’ve got to be strong know this.
Hearts always win!
Hearts always win!
Even after giving in, your heart always wins!!
It’s been so wrong it’s been so dark.
It’s been so long it’s been so hard.
What’s done is done is done is done is done
You’ve got to give it up! you’ve got to give it up!
You’ve got to give it up! you’ve got to give it up!
You’ve got to give it up! you’ve got to give it up!”

Though I’m settled inside about the move, things couldn’t be more unsettled on the outside. It’s a long shot and a last chance feeling. We’re going with it!!! If you want buy into this dream with us and be apart of The Enemy Lovers first full length album of all new music, share this post and donate (in the right column) to help us cover recording cost. Keep us in your heart and thoughts as we make this huge move.
Talk soon

PS – You HAVE to see this…Ezra has a passport!!! Look at his picture haha! It’s perfect. Youngest world traveler I’ve ever seen…(click on image to enlarge)

May 24th, 2011

Moving to Germany to record a full length album!!

Our dreams have converged in Germany, where we will do what we want for a change, and make our first full length album of new music that inspires us!  For the past two years we were “encouraged” to be what they (record labels) wanted and to not make any big moves because they would want a clean slate to work with. But we have only released an EP of 6 songs in 2 years and our goal is to change that! And freaking make a mess of our clean slate!!

From the beginning, record label execs were bending their ears to our sound.  Even before our “band” had a name.  We were flattered, and excited.  This seemed like the beginning of something great. After a year of waiting, we were stuck in limbo.  Waiting for someone to make it happen for us.  Still having only released our ep.  We continued to play shows during that time making new fans throughout the south east.  Our single “Coming Down” even became the #1 listener requested song on a popular Birmingham, Alabama radio station. The problem was that we still believed the key to success was a “label”.  After 2 years there were still no label offers, no plans for recording and very little money left.

Now we are just going to do it, a DIY project!  And give you and all our other fans a chance to contribute!  Make a donation in the right column if you love the 3 new live music videos of new unreleased songs and want them to get recorded. We’ll keep in touch and sign up for our newsletter to get updates. Thanks for being a fan and an enemy lover!!

You can also listen to our Graffiti Track to get a feel for the new music we are getting ready to make.