July 5th, 2011

We're in Germany!

We are here and our heads are still in a little bit of a fog. The jet lag is wearing off slowly but it is wearing off, thanks to waking up late this morning to a beautiful day in Germany!! We don’t have internet here like we thought we would, so we won’t be able to keep in touch as well as we hoped, but we wanted to let you know that we are here. We are really freaking excited about recording music and we begin on Monday morning! We are sad that we won’t be able to keep you in the loop like we had planned.

Once we get more settled in and get things figured out, we’ll get you up to date. Thanks for being a fan, even from 4,500 miles away.

Miss everybody,
The Enemy Lovers

July 3rd, 2011

Pics on the plane




July 2nd, 2011

Now we fly...

Leaving everything we know has left us naked and alive, like a newborn baby. We are liberated at this very moment. All our hoping and planning over the past 9 months is now in action. It’s surreal, we’ve boarded our plane and now we fly. We’re heading to a place we’ve never been to begin a new era. And this time it’s not to gain the interest of a record label or impress anyone. This time it’s to find inspiration and be inspired.

In the past we had made music to get us somewhere and now we are going somewhere to make music. Steven and I will be in the studio for the next five weeks and what we will make has no limitations. It doesn’t have to be pop or alternative or indie. It doesn’t have to sound like this or that. It only has to move us and God.

Talk soon,

June 29th, 2011

NEW UNRELEASED SONGS (live music videos)

Below we’ve posted 3 new unreleased songs that we recorded live in Birmingham, AL with an incredible video/audio team, headed up by our good friend Sandy Phillips. We’d like to thank her and the guys she brought together; Randal Crowe, Calvin Osborne, Jeremy Burns and Jay Johnson (See them here in the behind the scenes footage that we got). We filmed, recorded and performed these songs whilst driving around in the back of our van in the heat of the day! Needless to say it was HOT, because it’s Birmingham and we had to kill the AC for sound quality. But we had an amazing time!

If you dig these new songs and want them to be recorded, make a donation (in the right column) to help with the recording cost. We’ve sold everything and put it all on the line to do something we believe in; so we’re headed to Germany to make a full album. (Read the story here) Thanks and enjoy!

Catch the behind the scenes footage taken by yours truly here.

June 28th, 2011


We’ve been running around trying to figure out what we’re supposed to be doing our last week in the states. It’s seems like there should be a standard list somewhere, an app for that, or a self help book entitled “Things to take care of before moving your family and career out of the country”! That would be helpful, because we’ve never done this before. We’re basically just preparing ourselves for everything to change!

The reality that everything is going to change has gotten real. And has brought about a rush of different emotions from excitement to agita. (Agita is an Italian word my wife uses to describe a nervous feeling that has a hint of nausea associated with it; I’ve adopted it into my vocabulary.) But it has been a smooth transition, having sold our house a couple weeks ago and moving into the parents house. It’s been preparing us to live with other people in quite a lot less space than we are used too, while still having the physical love and support of our families and friends. Now the next phase involves us moving a world away from most everything and everyone we know and love!

Sometimes I ask myself why. Why can’t we just do what we do here? I haven’t been able come up with a concise way to answer that question except that everything in this life is about timing, from your heart beating, to your car engine, to music. If you ignore the timing you will die, metaphorically speaking, unless of course your heart ignores it’s timing and then you really would die. The fear of the unknown constantly tries to knock us off timing and leads us to miserable feelings. But when you find your timing you feel a passion to put everything on the line to keep it! And now we have found our timing. We sold our house without a realtor or even putting it on the market!! That was just one of many “signs” that the time is now. We are going to miss being here with everyone so much and even though it’s not the same we’ll keep in touch online.

Help us keep this site up and running while we’re in Germany by donating in the right column and please opt in to having your name and other info displayed on the “recognition wall”. We are extremely honored and want everyone to know who you are.

All the best,