February 1st, 2010

Falling Skies – The Drive (DAY 1 of 5)

This is a sneak preview of a rough demo of the song “Falling Skies” (recorded on our video camera via tour van radio.)  This is the song we decided to start our 5 day adventure with.

January 31st, 2010

DIG OUR WAY OUT!! (5/5 Blog)


Two days before we are supposed to leave for Atlanta and 12 inches of snow falls!  Can you believe that?  We’ve been snowed in for a day  and a half here in Asheville NC.  The temperature today is over 40% and it’s beginning to melt but the forecast for tonight is calling for 16% temperatures!  Of course it’s all going to freeze over again so we’re getting the van loaded with all our gear today and then tomorrow we’re going to play by ear.  We might be facing a 2 hr delay but we’ll get there!  The irony of when and how things happen in this life is unreal sometimes.  Now we have to dig our way out!  Here’s our tour van under snow…

January 29th, 2010

Talk Talk Talk. (5/5 Blog)

The hardest part of the recording process for an artist to go through is all the talking.  We write, sing and perform well but when it comes to breaking everything down to logistics it feels like a threat to our existence.  Unfortunately, in the modern age of music an artist has to be both creative and business minded as well, two minds that often are at war with each other because one mind is thinking about the bottom line while the other is searching for a voice no matter what the cost.  This is the part where we hold our breath until we actually start recording music and can breath again.  It’s just talk, talk, talk, right now.

Yesterday and today we have had two conference calls.  The first with Jamie Cerreta at Chrysalis Publishing Group (our publisher who is funding this project) and he pretty much dominated the discussion with zeal and excitement for what he hopes these next 5 days are going bring.  He’s crazy about all our new demo songs but had 3 in particular that he said we should put at the top of the pile as the best.  I could tell the song titles but you would only recognize Light Up Pt. 1 which he is flipping out about.  That’s the song that we have already partially recorded and have played a few times at our last few shows.  (You can see a live performance of this song below)  His excitement for this song made us especially excited because it has been one of our favorites too!  This being said, expect a 100% completed version of this song Light Up Pt. 1 in the very near future!

The second call was with Dan Hannon (our producer).  He was on that first call but in light of Jamie’s excitement only actually said about 3 sentences.  So we scheduled another call with just him to catch up on everything that Jamie had said on the first call.  Things are changing and will continue to change.  This is as much of an adventure for us as it is for you.  Needless to say we think we have a plan of attack for next week.  We have the songs picked out as well as the vision for the production style and dynamics of each.  It sounds like we have our ducks in a row but as creativity goes we will most likely knock all these ducks into a mess on Monday morning.  Our goal is to come out with something that’s not contrived or premeditated.  Something great that wasn’t just recorded to make money, although that would be nice.

The bottom line remains the same, we’re still taking this wherever it goes.  Come with us.

January 24th, 2010

Hanging from the rafters at The Grey Eagle!


What a way to start out the new year.  For our first show in 2010 we played for over 350 of our most incredible following at The Grey Eagle in Asheville NC.  It was over the top and put me into the rafters, literally!

I didn’t think it all the way through but before I knew it I was already hanging from the rafters.  I can’t believe I didn’t hit something on the way down.  The energy there was uncontainable.  Everybody was there in the moment at the same time.  That’s the beauty of music, it brings us all into the same time together and when it’s right it unites us into a single moment where we all can let go and be crazy.  It was right!  Believe me, we didn’t play flawless but it was right!  Check out some great shots of the night from David Childers (our photographer) CLICK HERE

Justin Miles opened up for us with 3 brand new songs.  He quite successfully warmed up the crowd.  I was truly impressed and would have him open for me anywhere anytime.  He looked so natural although I know he was freaking out!

We also had the help of several guest drummers that joined us in the end of The Edge of the World.  These boys did an amazing job!  They lifted the mood (and volume!) higher than I could have ever done alone.  Their names are Jon Scroggs (my little brother), Johnny Becker, Kevin Uncapher, and Michael Lyda.  I hold them personally responsible for making me jump up into the rafters!

Thanks to everybody that came out.  You brought the energy, we just utilized it in our music!

Leave a comment about your experience at the show.

January 21st, 2010

Shooting a music video! WOW!

It was really exciting to be on the set of my first music video. It was like living 5 very active days in one 24 hr period. Next time I’m going to write a slow ballad so that the video doesn’t feel like a P-90 work out routine. My body was sore not to mention my vocal cords. Your supposed to mouth the words for the camera while the song plays on a speaker but I couldn’t find my groove so I yelled my own song into a mic that wasn’t plugged in in sync with myself on a cd playing very loudly on a PA until I had no voice. And then I had smoke bombs unleashed in my face until I literally almost died. No seriously, the thought I had while coughing so hard I couldn’t catch my breath was, “I should have checked the side effects of directly inhaling sulfur smoke to see if dying was one of them”.

By the end of shooting I had I played my guitar through burning fireworks, outside in the rain on top of a hill, running in the steet, and on a set in front of a crowd. At one point I was laying on the ground on my back on the pavement with guitar in hand. The part of the video that was shot in an old factory was shot with the help of our extras, our most loyal fans. We asked them to come and act like we were playing the show of a lifetime and they came and were very convincing! Their showing up was pure energy that can’t be created any other way and for that we are extremely proud and thankful.

Then the next day Steven and I find ourselves in the middle of a dead corn field with mud up to our ankles turning my black converse into a crackled brown. We walked then ran through the mud and broken corn stalks. At one point my legs almost gave out while at the same time I was tripping over the cornstalks and how I kept myself from falling face first I’ll never know, but it does look awesome on the video! Running Running Running. I guess that’s what we get when writing a song that’s 160 beats per minute like “Coming Down”.

We had a great time as painful and intense as it was. We saw a lot of the clips and they look amazing. It should be a real treat to watch us in pain! If you have any comments about this momentous occasion please leave them below and I will respond. The video will be released soon!