February 7th, 2010

I asked my mother in law who was playing in the super bowl and she answered, “The Who”. I love that answer!

I really had no idea who was playing in the super bowl this year!  My question was actually intended to find out what football teams were playing and when she answered with “The Who” I busted out laughing and told her that was the best answer I’ve ever heard.  And I already knew The Who was playing the super bowl!  That stuff I know, but I still don’t know what teams played or who won…

Anyways, Super Bowl Sunday is always a good excuse to drink beer and eat buffalo wings with good friends…and that’s enough for me.

The commercials probably weren’t great, again.

February 6th, 2010

DAY 5 – The last day…or just the beginning?

We have now completed all 5 days and have no recordings to show for it!  Who would have guessed that the first time we heavily advertise our recording experience and invited you all to join us it would end in complete disarray.  Even the first and only song we worked on while in the studio for a day and a half became the theme song for the whole experience.  (You can hear a preview of that rough demo in a video called “Falling Skies – The Drive DAY 1 of 5″.  We filmed this on the way to Atlanta with no idea of what was about to happen!)  Nothing went as planned this week but something has begun.  We saw the end of some things but also feel something just beginning.  It feels like The Enemy Lovers (as in just Steven and I) is no more and The Enemy Lovers (as in the whole band) has emerged out of this disaster.  We went into the studio in Atlanta as Tim and Steven recording music with Dan Hannon for The Enemy Lovers to us coming home to a band made up of more than just two brothers.  Although we have been playing live as The Enemy Lovers for almost a year now it has always been vague as to who we were.  A band or just two brothers?  We’ve not known what plans to make or not make trying to find our way through a music industry of mines.  We have tried to stay “flexible” in hopes of I don’t know what.  But a band had developed over this past year and now we see that we didn’t see it until the abrupt end in our professional relationship with our producer.  When we lost that safety net we began to see what had been developing here the whole time.  It’s our house now.  The Enemy Lovers house!  This is the band.  We make music.  We are now recording new demos and meeting with new producers.  Much is to come of this dreadfully beautiful week!

*FULL BAND BIO COMING SOON. Also look for blogs from every member of The Enemy Lovers.  Follow each of us on twitter.

**We have a NEW MUSIC VIDEO coming out very soon for ‘Coming Down’!  (I just saw the first edit and it is shocking how cool it looks.)  Look for more info on that premier.

February 4th, 2010

The Enemy Lovers House | Day 4 – (5/5 Blog)

Today was Day 4 in our “5 Days. 5 Songs.”  venture and we have been recording new music as planned, kind of…

As you have probably read in our blog we are no longer in Atlanta recording with Dan Hannon.  We came home late Tuesday night after a bittersweet symphony of events.  It’s hard to explain what really happened, and a different story could probably be told from each perspective.  After a day reflecting on the situation all I can conclude is that everything got to a point where it could not be resolved.  A decision was made and things changed.  We are now home in Asheville, NC recording new music in The Enemy Lovers house.  This week is very different than you or I had imagined.  It’s been a revolutionary four days.

Steven and I spent this morning setting up our rehearsal space to record.  Being in the studio in Atlanta and then having it end so abruptly misplaced all of these creative juices that got stirred up in us.  We were having all of these ideas that needed a place to go.  So at around 12:30 we started tracking ‘Falling Skies’, again.  Ironically we still spent the day recording but in a completely different space and it’s actually turning out amazing.  We are very excited about how it is feeling and for me, how it is singing.  And fyi, Steven played some ridiculous guitar parts that I cannot wait for you to hear!

Sometimes I wonder if I knew exactly how an event would turn out would I even chose to still go through it.  Maybe it’s our not knowing that keeps us hoping.  These unavoidable personal/business conflicts make us decide who we are or who we want to be.  We make decisions and change things but things ultimately work out.  We’re all humans in between.  Despite all that has happened this week Steven and I are feeling good about where we are now as compared to where we were last week at this time.  Very good.  But still a little sad.

February 3rd, 2010

*STUDIO UPDATE | Where we stand (5/5 Blog)


So it is Wednesday… yes we are supposed to be in the studio for another two days as well as today but we are not.  Unfortunately we had some issues that arose with our producer and evidently they were not able to be worked out.  This is a sad but exciting turn of events after the initial shock.  We arrived home this morning around 12:30 with a mix of emotions swirling around in our hearts.  To think of not using our producer anymore is really sad due to a relationship that we had built from the last EP and B-sides as well as Light Up.  As goes with any true relationships there are things that will not be fully agreed upon which I believe is not a bad thing, actually I think it is the complete opposite.  I think a true relationship should have disagreements and if there are none than maybe it is more of an acquaintance than a relationship.  Either way there were evidently irreconcilable issues that he had with us therefore leading him to withdraw from being our producer anymore.  So Day 3 resulted in losing our producer.

But when hard times come I think we have an opportunity to continue down a path that we did not know was there and see where it leads.  I, for one, am extremely excited about this.  We obviously are still a band, we still write music, we still play shows, and we’ll still record.  It will just be different than the last time, which can be a breeding place for creativity.  If there is one thing I love it’s creativity.  We are looking now for a new producer and we still plan on taking this band and doing great things.  I have no idea what the end of this path will be, but I do believe it is where we are supposed to be.  There is a push that needs to happen when you get too comfortable in the way you “always” do it, and a lot of times without this push you can end up with the same result as all the other times.  That is why I am excited.  This whole thing came as a “shock” that is pushing us out of our comfort zone.  ALWAYS a good thing!

I hope all of you are as excited as we are?  If you aren’t, then get excited!


February 2nd, 2010

Revolutionary. (5/5 Blog)

It’s 2:48 in the morning and we have just wrapped up Day 1.  Honestly it did not go according to plan.  And since we’re being honest and I’m tired and feeling a little over dramatic, let me explain it like this.  The feeling here tonight (this morning) is revolutionary.  I came here with this whole idea of how it would pan out and I spent the whole day trying to get that only to realize the idea had been changed before we got here.  Everything is different.  It’s ironic to me that 12 inches of snow fell right before we were supposed to come here.  And that we had to physically dig ourselves out only to see that snow had also metaphorically fallen on this experience and now we have to dig ourselves out, again.  This is why you should never blog this late at night when you’re this tired.  Everything seems like a mess.  All the ducks that we had in a neat row are now smashed to bits.  But I’m one to believe that our (meaning all of humanity’s) days are not lived by chance but where ever we find yourself is where we are meant to be…for some reason.  This is a great adventure for me and I’m on the edge of my seat.  What ever it is has got my attention now.  This is the first time we have ever been here.  The plans are changing and not only are we fine with it but we are insistent on finding what we came here for, even though what we came here for is different then what we originally thought.  It’s hard to get accustomed to change at first but once you see that the change HAS happened you dig deeper.  Tomorrow is a new day.  There is music to be made.

Speaking of tomorrow we’ve got a 3 person film crew coming in to film us in the studio and put a documentary of it together.  It’s the same crew that shot our music video a couple weeks ago and they are also bringing a copy of the new music video!!