February 24th, 2010

Regina Spektor


So for the past few months… actually it has been longer than that I would think, my wife and I bought Regina Spektor’s new album “Far”.  I listened to her older album “Begin to Hope” but it was really my wife who listened to it the most.  There are a few songs I would listen to on my own but mostly the songs I heard off that album were because of Jen playing it or Tim and Meagan playing it.  It wasn’t that I did not like it, it was that I just would not ever think of playing it.  Of course on the way home from Asheville after buying the new album Jen played it without stopping and then loaded it on to her ipod immediately after getting home.  Since she had it on her ipod I decided to take the cd for my truck.  For weeks it stayed in my cd player and I listened to it for a long time.  Actually Tim made a joke to me about it still playing in my cd player.  I LOVE IT!  I have listened to it over and over and I still love it.  The songs themselves are really good and simple, even the production is really simple and not overbearing.  It is not trying to be the most complicated or the most artistic and for me it makes it more interesting and gives it more re-listen value.  Her voice is also insanely creative and beautiful.  It kind of reminds me of music that would of been released years ago instead of last year.  Seems that today music is more about how many instruments you can record together to create a song that can never be reproduced live or that has no dynamic because the song is not good enough by itself to begin with.  Yes, in case you are wondering, I am not a huge fan of some of the music that is released today but this cd is extremely worth buying and listening to.  The songs are great, her voice is great, her piano playing is great, the production is great, really it is all great.  There are great upbeat songs and very emotional songs.  I guess something for everyone.


February 24th, 2010


So we played Columbia again tonight. Really I guess it was the first time. We opened for Winston Audio about a month ago and it was awesome. Tonight was the new music night and we got on the bill and killed it. Kent and I may have been a bit tipsy. It is not confirmed yet but either way it was a blast. We made some new friends and hopefully got the opportunity to book more shows. The last time we played it was pouring and the venue had multiple leaks with one right over the stage. Not just the general stage but the exact place I was standing. If i moved the water would drop right on my pedal board or worse right on my Tele pickups. Not awesome was the feeling of the chance of electrocution but I played and survived. Tonight we pulled up to the venue and guess what, rain. It was raining again but not as bad. After talking to the sound guy I felt much better when he told me they had fixed a lot of the leaks and the stage no longer was a sieve but an actual roof. Anyway I guess good things come to those who wait, so columbia we’re coming back and we are going to rock it over and over again. Hope you are ready because we are. See you soon!


February 23rd, 2010

Exactly how I cut my hand at Workplay.

I was talking to my mom last night and she asks me, “so how did you cut yourself at that show?” Then I read back over my blog today and realized that I didn’t actually tell you how I cut my hand at Workplay.
Well here’s how I think it happened, although I still have no idea when it happened or how I didn’t feel it! If you reference the picture below you will see an arrow pointing at what I think caused the bleeding. It’s a flat head bolt that keeps the guitar bridge in place. And it is sharp! Add that to the fact that I strum my guitar pretty vigorously, especially when I’m dealing with a lot of good energy and you have guitar player with a bleeding hand. And I don’t really care what they say about how a professional should attack a guitar. I play like I play, with no reservations! I’m all in baby! Now I just have to figure out how to customize the top of that bolt before I lose too much blood. Any ideas?
If you’re just now coming in on this blog role read the first part of this story here >> While my guitar gently bleeds.

So now you know.

February 20th, 2010


So today I downloaded the high res version of our new music video for ‘Coming Down’.  It took almost 2 hrs!  When you see it you’ll understand why.  It’s beautiful and clear.  It looks ridiculous!  Steven and I plugged the laptop into my stereo, cranked the volume, and watched it 3-4 times in a row.  We’re all very happy with how it came out and are exceedingly impressed with the two guys and their team who organized the whole thing.  The video shoot was led by Robert Hill and Taylor Hide, two extremely talented dudes from Birmingham AL.  We’ll be posting more detailed credits as we make the finishing touches on the release.  The majority of the video was shot right here in Asheville NC.  Pictures of the day were taken by C.W. Newel and you can look through all of them here.  I posted my favorites below.

February 19th, 2010

While my guitar gently bleeds. (at Workplay Theatre)

So the show at Workplay (Birmingham AL) was absolutely amazing!  The energy of the place this past Wednesday night was engaging.  If it had to end, “Love You Live” was the best way to end something that was becoming so great.  Live 100.5 played our music when most other stations stuck in the bureaucracy of the industry would never even listen to it because they have no control over what they play on air.  Like it or not!  And when the fans started responding to our song ‘Coming Down’ in Birmingham Alabama, Live 100.5 played it even more!  We were honored to have been a part of this show.  And thank the people at Live 100.5 for everything they did and were trying to do.  It’s sad to see it go.

Now I must have lost myself in the energy of the night because half way through our set I looked down and most of my hand was covered in blood!  I noticed it because I saw splatters on the Workplay stage and I freaked out for a second in my head when I looked at my bloody hand and blood splattered on my guitar.  We started our set with ‘Feel It’.  It was feeling good, no pun intended.  Then we went into ‘Circles’ one of my personal favorite songs to play live.  People were singing the oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohs with us and I may have already started bleeding by this point but I hadn’t noticed yet.  Then after Circles we went into a Johnny Cash cover of ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’.  That just pushed everything over the top.  The band was tearing this song up!!!  After we finished I notice the blood spots on the stage, then my guitar then I look at my hand and I’m like holy S@%$!  I’m bleeding!  A pretty good bit too.  I had done this once before while we were filming the music video last month so I didn’t completely lose it but I was (as un-rock and roll as it is) a little concerned!  The show must go on and I didn’t feel light headed so I took the band into ‘Enemies’.  A very appropriate song to bleed to, I think.  The whole song I’m thinking about my finger though so I end up not getting into it at all.  But between ‘Enemies’ and our new song ‘Light Up Pt. 1′ I bring up to the crowd the fact that I cut my finger on my guitar somehow and then I suddenly I felt better.  Now I’m feeling like some cool punk historical moment type thing with blood everywhere.  It’s like Sid Vicious stuff!  Then we started into our new song ‘Light Up Pt. 1′ on a completely different plane then we ever had before, bleeding and singing!  We ended our set with ‘Coming Down’ which I reminded the crowd they used to play on 100.5 last year but then stopped for some reason not by any fault of them!  They all laughed with us and then sang the song that they used to sing with the radio right there with us live at Workplay Theatre.  Love You Live and bleeding.  To everyone that was there thank you for supporting the music!