April 9th, 2010

Getting ready to play at the Evening Muse…

So here we are in Charlotte. Walking. I’m having a hard time keeping up while blogging from my phone. Plus, I’m a little groggy from my pre-show nap.

…which is a strange habit I have recently acquired.

Whoops. Should have just got the door for the waitress instead of keeping my nose stuck in my phone. Anyway…

So here we are at Boudreaux’s Louisiana Kitchen and I’m about to order the Savory Bacon Phenoma-burger. Follow me on Twitter at @kevinstipe and I’ll let you know how awesome it is.

And, don’t worry. The pre-show napping will not take away from the face-melting rock and roll that will follow.


April 6th, 2010


So whilst getting my car up to date with inspections and registration I realize how similar my life is to this. Every so often I have to reinspect my life to make sure I am going in the right direction. Now, after my latest life inspection I believe I am going the right way but it is not the way I thought it would be when I was younger. Of course to be honest I thought I would be a mega rock star at twenty and when that didn’t happen I thought, “well twenty-five.” Then twenty five came and the dream kind of died a bit for me. It wasn’t after too long that I realized I can’t help it, it is in me. Music is what is in me! So here I am again registering to be a rock star! Now my inspection is done and I am back on the road again.

Life always throws curve balls or sometimes change-ups. You have to be ready for anything even if your not. Being in music sometimes feels a bit

March 19th, 2010

Muscle building

Lately I have been trying to write as much as I can; songs, music, just words, anything.  Writing is like a muscle, when you don’t work it out, after a while it gets a little rusty and it seems easier to beat your head against a wall than to write one song.  I tend to believe writing songs is very easy but also insanely difficult, at least for me.  Every once in a while it all just clicks and comes together but most of the time it is a process.  I am not talking about writing ideas or enough to call something a song, I am talking about completing a song in it’s entirety.  Anyway, I have been feeling a bit down for a couple of months, actually maybe longer, because every time I sat down to write a song I would have nothing, no inspiration, no starting point, nothing.  Actually some times I would feel very inspired and the minute I sat down with my guitar I was dead in the water.  I would mull over the same thing over and over again and, honestly, just end up practicing scales or riffs, which was good because I became much better on my instrument because of it but my creative output was going down like a rocket ship.  One day I was talking to Jen about my writing ability and she said, “You are out of practice, that’s all.”  I know it sounds obvious but it hit me all of the sudden, I am!  I used to write, on average, about three to four songs a month, now they weren’t all keepers but that is not the point.  My writing muscle was huge and then it just fell out of practice.  How could I have never thought of that, I was thinking that my creativity maybe had run out.  But the simple reason that I was out of practice was no where to be found in my head.  So I am working out again.  I am just writing and writing and not even caring if it is the next big thing or just a throw away to get me to the next big thing.  It is practicing my muscle.


March 18th, 2010

Our NEW producer is coming to Asheville!

So, as fate would have it we are not going to LA just yet.  This is very good news in light of how the situation has evolved.  Mike Daly (the new producer) is coming here!  And when I say here I mean he is flying from LA into Asheville NC to do pre-production with us in our house, The Enemy Lovers house.  He’s also arriving in time to make it out to our show at Stella Blue on March 26.  This is playing out better than we could have planned, as usual.

Originally we were planning to up and go to LA without ever having even met this new guy.  Now looking back that seems crazy.  But with all that has happened we thought it was just part of the roller coaster ride we have been riding since February!  It didn’t feel right.  It felt rushed, but it was rushed, so we were going with it.  The original plan would have caused us to have to cancel four shows and miss Steven and I’s birthdays!  We were supposed to fly to LA tomorrow, March 19 and spend just under two weeks in the studio, then fly home on April 1.

Then at the last minute it turns out that everyone was having scheduling difficulties.  And when Jamie called me saying “keep your show at Stella Blue” and “we’ve made a new plan” I was instantly relieved.  This means somehow we got the best of both worlds.  We still get to do pre-production on our new music, we can still do our shows, and not even leave our families.  Plus Mike will be able to see The Enemy Lovers live in our hometown glory.  I couldn’t have asked or demised a plan better than the one in effect right now.

Funny thing is with our previous recording plan of ‘5 Days. 5 Songs.’ we had everybody involved with every phone call and every little detail.  Now with all the new happenings no one has a clue.  We’re a little gun shy to say the least.  Now if you are coming to the show in at Stella Blue you will be involved like never before, there with us and our new producer.  That will be the first time we meet him in person, with you.  We are really excited about our new path and have high hopes!  Thanks for reading this whole blog entry and thanks for being a fan.

February 27th, 2010

Who will produce our next record?

Finding a producer is like finding a wife.  You can ask all the right questions but how do you really know if they are the one?  And making music is making love.  It bears all the same healthy and unhealthy emotional vulnerabilities with in it’s process.  This is why you see bands break up while making a record.  Everything gets crazy in a room full of over tired creative types all hopped up on caffeine and afraid of being misrepresented.  But once you find the magic, all the relationships somehow find this beautiful harmony!  The hard part is getting through, together, alive!

Now that we made it through (our last breakup) together and alive we’re looking for that special someone again!

Our update is that we’ve narrowed it down to two.  We’ve talked to the first and I have to be honest, he said all the right things according to me.  I’ve learned over the past few years that you have to hold your cards close to your chest when talking to a new prospect for producer.  I feel like when I’ve said too much it has only supplied them with the right things to say and names to drop when I’m wary of the way things are being produced.  My own words are then used at me to regain my confidence.  It compromises really knowing what they’re envisioning.  And I want to know how they honestly hear it sounding.

So in our talk we let Mike Daly from LA speak.  Mike is currently writing and producing many artists, some with whom he has worked include Whiskeytown (Ryan Adams), Stephen Kellogg, the Pernice Brothers, Ambulance LTD, Patrick Park, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Marie Digby, Georgia, The Plain White T’s, Jessie Baylin and Donavon Frankenreiter.  We asked epic questions of grand proportions and his responses genuinely intrigued me.  There were some amazing things said on the call and it show signs of being an incredible match up.  He could most definitely be the one.  It’s happening so quick though and on one hand it feels like fate but on the other it almost seems to easy.  It feels so fast.  We had hopes for a fast recovery but this is happening very fast.  We have the songs and we’re ready but LA, in two weeks with someone we’ve never met in person!  If all goes well we will be in LA recording by the middle of March!  Can you believe that?