May 4th, 2010

What have we been up to?

So we have been working on writing new songs and rewriting some semi new songs for a while now, and I know we have been saying we were going to get new music recorded, and we will, but we have been working through all the curve balls that we have been thrown.  It has definitely been a ride and we are hanging on for what seems like dear life but we are still writing. In music I am finding that it is more about perseverance than most other things.  Now obviously you have to have good songs and good hooks, and although it seems very easy it can be somewhat difficult.  A lot of bands will actually go into the studio with up to forty songs to pick out twelve.  Perseverance!  So with all the delays and the curve balls we have been thrown we are finding that it is easier to quit but most definitely not fulfilling.  Usually Tim and I will meet during the day and spend several hours writing together and sometimes it is less when things on the schedule come up but mostly we are trying to create a habit.  I wrote a blog post not to long ago about writing being a muscle and how you have to work it to get better.   That being said you also have to create a habit.  Tim and I have been more inspiration writers, at least I have been.  What I mean by inspiration writing is waiting to write until you feel inspiration instead of creating the habit and then creating inspiration for it.  I have tried this method for a very short time but I was very discouraged so I went back to waiting.  I still love those times when I get that inspiration that births some new song but I am trying to learn to love all the in between as well.  You see, for every great song that has been written there is a list of songs that may never go anywhere.  I am sure even the Beatles had a massive list of songs that never saw the light of day and the truth about that is is that it is perfectly normal.  But what I haven’t had and what the Beatles did have is an arsenal of ideas to choose from whenever they needed a bridge, or a chorus, or a riff.  That comes from the perseverance of creating a habit of writing and the love of music.


We are not planning on jumping ship and we are in this for the long haul so the more ideas the merrier!  We are still planning on working with our new producer Mike Daly who via email has been helping us out with ideas and helping us become better writers which, let’s face it, is awesome!  Who wouldn’t want to get better at their craft?  It has been a little slower than normal with Downtown Alive in Greenville and the “Coming Down” Music Video World Premier on May 13.  Not to mention I am sure you have noticed some changes in our online presence, which we owe a debt of gratitude to Kiesha Jean and to Babe E. Baker who have helped us learn how to use the Internet, seriously!  We knew a lot of stuff but we are learning so much and as you can see it is paying off.  So we have been hitting that hard core as well.  When everything is said and done though Tim and I are still writing.  Creating that habit and hopefully before too long you all will be able to share in all our work when you hear it.  I am super excited about recording and getting the new music that you have been waiting for out to you.  It is always a new day for us and for you.


April 27th, 2010



April 25th, 2010

Music Video Press Release

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The Enemy Lovers take the Big Screen
Things are looking up with the premier of the band’s new music video ‘Coming Down’.

ASHEVILLE, N.C. –The World Premier of ‘Coming Down’, a music video screening event, will take place at The Fine Arts Theatre at 36 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801 on May 13th from 9:30 to 11PM.

The event will kick off with beer and wine from 9:30-10:00PM, including chocolate truffles made by Hannah Berlin. 10PM will begin the first public screening of the new video, including special bonus features and behind the scenes/making-of footage. To end the night, The Enemy Lovers will perform a special set of brand new music.

Local band The Enemy Lovers filmed their first professional music video for ‘Coming Down’ here in Asheville. To capture the energy of their live performance, the band invited their fans to be extras in the video. It was a success with approximately 100 people showing up to be a part of the filming. The video was directed by Taylor Hide and produced by Robert Hill of Birmingham, AL, both up and coming in the film industry.

Admission is $12 (first drink is on the band!) Tickets may be purchased at The Fine Arts Theatre on the day of the event. All proceeds go to further the making of The Enemy Lovers music.

For more information, visit


THE ENEMY LOVERS: Local rock band that has generated a substantial following in Asheville, NC and surrounding areas. They have been a part of the Asheville music scene for just over a year now and have played at every major local music venue including The Orange Peel and The Grey Eagle. Brothers Tim Scroggs (lead vocals, guitar) and Steven Scroggs (lead guitar, backing vocals) spontaneously began the band while in the studio writing new songs. They then partnered with drummer and cousin Kent Rector and bass player Kevin Stipe. Gaining momentum in the South East, things are looking up with a professional music video for ‘Coming Down’.

COMING DOWN: The Enemy Lovers first single from their self-titled debut EP

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April 21st, 2010

Pirate Radio

So I just watched “Pirate Radio.”  I wanted to see it when it came out in the theaters but I didn’t get the chance.  It was incredible!  From the very beginning it was a compilation of some of the very best rock n roll in any movie, not to mention the story was moving.

Rock n roll is not just music, at least true rock n roll is not.  There is an attitude or a state of mind behind it.  The music and the words are a cry for something real, something different than the crap the media or the social medium is throwing in our faces.  Sometimes I forget that.  Sometimes we get caught up in the next best thing that we are allowed and forget about the freeing experience of the things that cost us.  Rock n roll has been at the heart of some of the greatest movements in generations just like ours, although sometimes the pendulum has to swing way out there to find a balance, it still is an exhilarating journey.  I wasn’t allowed much rock n roll when I was young so what I did get was from my Walkman with headphones when I was in bed.  There was something in the music, something that I didn’t hear in anything else.  Not just because it was not allowed, though that did carry some excitement, it was a door to something that was buried inside of me waiting to come out.  Inspiration that was beating on my door and with every new song and every new band that I heard the knock was getting louder and louder.  So many times since the beginning, rock n roll has had to be reborn due to a homogenization of the art.  One thing starts selling and every one jumps on board to try and ride the wave of money until it has been bled to death. The proverbial dead horse being kicked repeatedly.  Think of it this way.  The question is, “The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?”  What kind of question is that, BOTH!!!  That is what makes rock n roll, ROCK N ROLL!  Every artist adding their part not every artist trying to be the same part.  Elton will never be Zeppelin, The Kinks will never be Fleetwood Mac and we are all grateful for that.  Because that is how it should be.

So when you get the chance to see “Pirate Radio”  take it.  Very inspiring and very true to the heart of rock n roll.

April 9th, 2010

Getting ready to play at the Evening Muse…

So here we are in Charlotte. Walking. I’m having a hard time keeping up while blogging from my phone. Plus, I’m a little groggy from my pre-show nap.

…which is a strange habit I have recently acquired.

Whoops. Should have just got the door for the waitress instead of keeping my nose stuck in my phone. Anyway…

So here we are at Boudreaux’s Louisiana Kitchen and I’m about to order the Savory Bacon Phenoma-burger. Follow me on Twitter at @kevinstipe and I’ll let you know how awesome it is.

And, don’t worry. The pre-show napping will not take away from the face-melting rock and roll that will follow.