September 21st, 2010




This is a difficult subject, everyone is so different.  To one person joy can come so easily than with someone else, but yet that same person can experience sadness just as fast as the joy, or vica versa.  We all experience emotion and wear emotion differently.

Case in point; I am very exaggerated, not always, but when it comes to new things or options or possibilities, actually it is with most things.  I get excited very easily and sometimes can be disappointed but usually the dissapointment fades after a while.  Now on the other side of that there is my wife, Jen.  She is not exaggerated except for on occasion.  Although she is not overbearing outwardly excited she is excited, just wearing it differently.  Of course I mistake that sometimes as her not liking whatever it is that is in question.  Neither one of us is wrong or right, just wonderfully different.

I am sitting here on the couch while Jen is playing our new music for our friend visiting from Texas.  Listening to the music without trying to practice it, figure it out again or any kind of  agenda is nice.  Whilst typing I am just listening and reliving the emotions we were feeling and going through when we wrote the songs.  There were a lot of emotions that Tim and I were experiencing at that time, it wasn’t long ago in time, but that place in our life feels like forever ago. Of course it could be right around the corner, either way we were feeling so tapped out with the thoughts of who we were or trying to figure out what “kind” of music we wanted to write.  That’s how we started… then… we just started writing and singing and it just came naturally.  We didn’t try and coax it to be what we thought it should be, we just did it.  It was an amazing feeling.  It was an experience I will always remember.  There were definitely times when I felt like I couldn’t write words or melodies to save my life but it was ok in the end because Tim was there to take up the slack when I felt like quitting and likewise with him.  We were a team and we banded together again.

It feels like sometimes you have to remind yourself to feel certain emotions, to push through the crap and find what it is you want to say.  There is always something to say, even when you do it quietly.  Jen once told me after watching a movie with a great love story that sometimes we forget to act like we are in love.  Sometimes life happens and I forget to create opportunities for great emotions to be experienced like LOVE, AFFECTION, LAUGHTER, JOY, KINDNESS, GRACE.  I think I am doing better, at least I know now what I can lack if I am not careful.

So… happy emotion hunting.

September 19th, 2010

ROCK 'n ROLL (via breaking things)

Have you seen us break a tv with a billie club?  Or kick a giant mushroom into oblivion?  Have you seen us throw a rotor through a full size mirror or punch Mickey Mouse for no apparent reason?  Well if not, then you’ve got some catching up to do!!  Introducing our new video series called Rock ‘n Roll. Watch as we take random stuff and do to them what we’ve always wanted to growing up…BREAK THEM!!!  This is how we get a Rock ‘n Roll fix when we are not playing music for you.  Watch the uncut versions here on YouTube – TEL Official TV

August 29th, 2010

The Enemy Lovers to open for Stockholm Syndrome

The Enemy Lovers will be opening for Stockholm Syndrome this Friday (Sept. 3 2010) at The Orange Peel in their hometown of Asheville NC. We were approached late last week with a request that we be the opening act and we’re elated to find that we would be opening for a band made up of such an all star cast. Tickets are on sale now HERE.

Check out the EVENT and SHARE IT!

Read About Stockholm Syndrome

Check out Stockholm Syndrome Online:

August 25th, 2010


As a band we have been going and going for a while now. I feel like we are growing up in some ways and learning who we are in some ways. It is so easy to have someone else tell you what to be or who you are but it is much harder to find it and be it on your own. I am not sure if I or we will ever “arrive”, so they say, but we are closer now than we were two years ago.

When we recorded the EP we were still trying to find out who we were as a band. In some ways trying to be something we weren’t, even though a part of us wanted to be that, and in other ways changing things into what we knew we were. Listening back to that music and thinking of us playing it live seem like two different things now. It’s weird to think that to be quite honest because for so long we were trying so hard to mimic that sound. Don’t get me wrong there is aspects of it that I still try to achieve every show, but in general the sound of it is not us anymore.

As a band we are growing and developing more of our identity in the industry and our community and we are trying to find our sound even more no matter what it sounds like. I feel like when I listen to music I can tell if it is something that was written from an honest place in someone and produced to sound like them as a band, not that I am right all the time, but it seems like the music feels different. I can’t stand music written and recorded just for the sake of radio hits, they never last.

To me, songs that last are songs that come from a place in the person or bands life. A place that is genuine, although it doesn’t have to be melancholy it has to be real. Of course, with just the limited understanding of the industry that we have received in the past two years I am learning that I don’t know much of anything, but what I do know is that the heart of the musician comes out in the music if they will let it. It is a good thing, a very good thing!


Just a little rant for ya!


July 7th, 2010

The Swing

So I am back at it…

After the three weeks of writing and recording I am finding it is difficult to get back into the whole internet social networking. It is not that I don’t enjoy doing it, I just fell out of the habit of it. Which, on one hand sucks because I had become so accustom to tweeting, blogging, posting, sharing, and any other way to stay in contact that it was almost second nature. When something would happen, or after a show I would blog or post pics or tag pics or just send out tweets about the show. Now I am back at square one relearning to some degree. During the writing and recording we were spending so much time stirring our creativity with new songs and new riffs that we went AWOL with the internet side of things. So on the other hand I was glad to put all of my creativity to writing and recording and it was a FULL three weeks, let me tell you.

what'd you do?!

It is weird though, how I feel with all of the social networking. I feel like I am always waiting for some amazing thing to happen before I write about it. Not sure exactly what I am waiting for or what I am looking for but life is too short to wait on something “amazing.” To be completely honest those kind of things happen everyday if I am willing to see it. Some days, I am more blind than others but I have been able to find amazing things in a lot of “normal” things. (whew!!!! that was almost a rant)

Anyway, I am getting back into the swing of things so keep reading and keep posting.


Remember to listen to our Graffiti Track.  Combo of all the new songs!!!