October 21st, 2010

The Enemy Lovers set to play Asheville every week!! (starting OCT.28)

The Enemy Lovers are taking up residency in Stella Blue’s basement venue “Stella’s” for a weekly free show. Every Thursday at 9pm, starting Oct. 28, they have joined with Stella Blue to bring Asheville’s 21+ crowd a nightlife option where you don’t have to pay a cover or listen to a cover band.  All tip/donations will be given to Adullam Orphanages who care for 750 orphans in Africa.

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October 13th, 2010

Do you remember how to trust your gut?

How many times do we have to learn to trust our gut? We know what we have to do, yet we still hesitate … do it damn it! Trust your gut! The longer we ignore it the more numb we become and too soon we’ll forget the value of life. Like the blind, we must feel our way around until we each find what we instinctively know is there, somewhere. You were born to be what only you can become.

Be relieved to finally hear the bad news we live our lives dreading because we already know it’s right. It won’t be easy but it can be the first time you’ve heard great bad news. When it’s finally said, even though it’s not the great news we hoped for, it will become the resolve that pushes (forces!) us in the right direction.

For now it’s just, trust your gut!!

October 11th, 2010

Ray Lamontagne and the Pariah Dogs! Ray and who?

Looks like Ray took his touring band and made a self produced record in his living room.  He’s calling them the Pariah Dogs but honestly the instrumentation is minimal on this new project.  I would say the genre is your very basic old country style, epitomized by pedal steel and banjo.  This observation seems obvious to me now in the album title “God Willin and the Creek Don’t Rise” (Listen here). Sadly I prefer pre-Pariah Dogs Ray Lamontagne. But maybe it’s not the bands fault.  Maybe it’s the absence of Ray’s former producer Ethan Johns.  As inspiring as it sounds, great self-produced records are an exception to the rule. It happens (Listen to “Wake Up” from Arcade Fire’s first album “Funeral”), but it’s rare.

Most of the songs sound too familiar which isn’t necessarily bad, but it fails to be creatively unique. Like the songs are old country standards with a form that new chords and words were put into. With a stand out track like “Meg White” (Listen here) from his last album “Gossip and the Grain”, I was under the impression he was going in a new direction, more aggressive, in a smooth Lamontagne way!  But I guess not. Maybe he and Ethan Johns are making another album right now and this album was just a little release in between.  I’m really hoping this is not all we’re getting out of Ray for the next couple of years.  With high expectations for every new Ray Lamontagne record this is the first time they have been let down.  The new album is not all bad, you’re just reading a religious fan’s review that is comparing Ray to Ray.  The songs are still good (Listen to “Repo Man”) but the album falls into 4th place of 4 albums for me.  Ray Lamontagne still has one of the best voices in the music industry right now matched with an ability to write great songs!  I’m still and always will be a fan.

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PS_If you want to feel the perfect magic of Ray I recommend listening to his second album “Till the Sun Turn Black”, which is by far my favorite of his yet.  Watch this live performance of “Empty” from that album.

And here’s some good stuff from the new album “Repo Man” Live.

October 5th, 2010

Mumford and Sons! Who? (yeah right! You know...)

On first listen they sound like a rip off of the Avett Brothers. On second listen I’m thinking this guys voice sounds like Conor Oberst mixed with Dave Matthews and some Glen Hansard. On third listen I realize this album (Sigh No More) is ridiculous, incredibly deep and moving; completely original! Mumford and Sons is not necessarily my style of music but this is the most moved I’ve been by lyrical content in a long long time. The lyrics made me a believer and then the music began to make sense to me. I’m amazed at how huge of a sound they make out of the minimal amount of instrumentation they use! A completed project that is emotional and very clear. It connects with me exactly where I am right now and thats my only definition for what makes music great. Have I said it enough, Mumford and Sons is great! And I may be a little behind with this review, but I’m hearing it now and I had to write about them. Great live band too! Check out this live performance.

September 30th, 2010

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's! Who?

Don’t miss this show…THE ENEMY LOVERS will be playing in direct support for Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s on Oct. 2 (this Sat. night!) at Stella Blue in Asheville NC  9pm  $10 – Find Tickets

An Enemy Lovers New Artist Review…

From the first piano note of “A Children’s Crusade on Acid” I was hooked!  (Click here to listen)  Then the lead vocal came in and I wondered to myself if the lead singer was a guy or girl. But it was a waste of time, because I loved it and didn’t care. Richard Edwards voice is not strained but haunts you with a building emotion.  And the music finds it’s home just outside the box, most closely related to where Radiohead lives. This comparison can be deadly, but in the case of “Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s” they manage to make it their own and you realize you’ve found one of those special bands.

You’ve may have never heard of them, but they are alive and well! (Follow Margot via their twitter AND become a fan here) With a huge list of dates booked on their tour across the country, Margot will make their way to Asheville, NC this Saturday with a brand new record.  They have recorded 12 new tracks in the most peculiar way! (Do you want to know the story? Great full write up by Alli Marshall for Mountain XpressClick here to read)

Had we not booked this show at Stella Blue, we probably wouldn’t have found Margot early enough to see them in this stage of their career, where great music must fight and rival the beast (the music industry) to make it’s way into the light of the mainstream public.  I can see this band becoming great, and I predict in this show, you will see and feel the beating heart that proves that great music is still alive. Don’t miss this show, because it will never happen again!!!