October 5th, 2010

Mumford and Sons! Who? (yeah right! You know...)

On first listen they sound like a rip off of the Avett Brothers. On second listen I’m thinking this guys voice sounds like Conor Oberst mixed with Dave Matthews and some Glen Hansard. On third listen I realize this album (Sigh No More) is ridiculous, incredibly deep and moving; completely original! Mumford and Sons is not necessarily my style of music but this is the most moved I’ve been by lyrical content in a long long time. The lyrics made me a believer and then the music began to make sense to me. I’m amazed at how huge of a sound they make out of the minimal amount of instrumentation they use! A completed project that is emotional and very clear. It connects with me exactly where I am right now and thats my only definition for what makes music great. Have I said it enough, Mumford and Sons is great! And I may be a little behind with this review, but I’m hearing it now and I had to write about them. Great live band too! Check out this live performance.

September 30th, 2010

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's! Who?

Don’t miss this show…THE ENEMY LOVERS will be playing in direct support for Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s on Oct. 2 (this Sat. night!) at Stella Blue in Asheville NC  9pm  $10 – Find Tickets

An Enemy Lovers New Artist Review…

From the first piano note of “A Children’s Crusade on Acid” I was hooked!  (Click here to listen)  Then the lead vocal came in and I wondered to myself if the lead singer was a guy or girl. But it was a waste of time, because I loved it and didn’t care. Richard Edwards voice is not strained but haunts you with a building emotion.  And the music finds it’s home just outside the box, most closely related to where Radiohead lives. This comparison can be deadly, but in the case of “Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s” they manage to make it their own and you realize you’ve found one of those special bands.

You’ve may have never heard of them, but they are alive and well! (Follow Margot via their twitter AND become a fan here) With a huge list of dates booked on their tour across the country, Margot will make their way to Asheville, NC this Saturday with a brand new record.  They have recorded 12 new tracks in the most peculiar way! (Do you want to know the story? Great full write up by Alli Marshall for Mountain XpressClick here to read)

Had we not booked this show at Stella Blue, we probably wouldn’t have found Margot early enough to see them in this stage of their career, where great music must fight and rival the beast (the music industry) to make it’s way into the light of the mainstream public.  I can see this band becoming great, and I predict in this show, you will see and feel the beating heart that proves that great music is still alive. Don’t miss this show, because it will never happen again!!!

September 27th, 2010

Mariah Montgomery! Who?

Let this very young talented artist BLOW YOUR MIND!  You may recognize her name from the bill of our most recent show at PULP this past Saturday night.  She made the trip all the way from TN only to find out that she would not be allowed to play the show or even stay to see the show!!  But she would be interrupted right in the middle of her sound check and asked to leave the premises!  We booked her never even thinking her age would be a problem because there are a huge amount of underage artists hitting the music scene right now, playing every type of venue.  Turns out NC has very strict laws concerning this!  All of us felt absolutely horrible and as she was leaving I told her if you go into the streets of Asheville tonight and record a new song I’ll post it here for everyone to see!  (Watch the video below)

I was extremely disappointed by the way things turned out because I’m a huge fan and I booked Mariah because I was really psyched to see her perform live.  She has these very intriguing songs and an absolutely beautiful, yet unpredictable voice.  I’ve been watching her YouTube channel for weeks now amazed that a girl so young could already be putting such great music together.  I was very excited at the opportunity to introduce her to her very first Asheville crowd, but I guess we’ll all have to wait.  She’ll be back soon.  But in the meantime go and see what I’m talking about on her youtube channel.

Now we present to you a brand new song from Mariah Montgomery recorded live on the streets of downtown Asheville.  The street noise just adds to the tension and drama of the night and we want to give her props for being so amazing in light of the situation.  Here she rises against everything that rose against her.  She turned a terrible night into a beautiful song.  It’s hard to hear her due to the street noise but at about 2:28 you will hear pure raw talent with no studio tricks or vocal effects or hidden musicians behind the stage.  This is all real and we hope we can be a part of breaking her to the world.  Leave comments on her videos, become a fan and look for her to be playing Asheville very soon.

September 23rd, 2010

My Movie Watching Addiction


I have a movie addiction.  I love movies, not all movies but a lot of them.  For a long time I was the big strong man who didn’t like romantic comedies, only action, but I came to realize at some point that I do like romantic comedies.  About half of them are so stupid.  The characters never develop and the story is pure crap but the good ones are good.  Just about anything with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are worth watching. “Elizabethtown” is one of my favorite romantic comedies… actually everything Cameron Crowe does is awesome, even “Vanilla Sky” which a lot of people didn’t like. I consider to be one of my favorites.  You know now that I think about it, it could be Jen’s influence on me or just me getting older, but some days I just have a romantic comedy itch.  That reminds me of a story.  One day when I was living in Hartsville Jen came home to find my brother Jon and I sitting on the couch watching “Serendipity”.  When she walked through the door I heard her giggle a bit, then she asked “Why are you watching this?”  All we could respond with was, “Because we both wanted to see it.”  She still laughs when she thinks of us, two guys sitting on the couch watching a romantic comedy.

Actions are always good.  Good for just mind vacating.  I am sure that  is what they are banking on when they make those movies.  To be  honest though lately the way over usage of CG is starting to get pretty  annoying.  Good example “Clash of the Titans” or “2012″.  They are not  bad movies as much as after a little while it is just so big that your  suspension of belief starts to fade.  It looks really good, but you don’t  buy into it.  Really… the gi-freaking-normous Kraken at the end of  ”Clash of the Titans”.  Looks good but way too big, even for fantasy,  our suspension of belief can only go so far.   “2012″ was the same way  for me.  The best thing about good action movies… or any movie for  that matter, is leaving things up to the imagination.  You don’t always have to show everything or show such massive size just for the sake of the wow factor.  In the long run it is not worth it.

In the past few years I have really developed a love for directors.  Certain directors are almost garaunteed great movies.  My favorites are Wes Anderson, Cohen brothers, Cameron Crowe, Christopher Nolan, M. Night Shyamalan, Christopher Guest, and with the exception of “Miami Vice”, Micheal Mann.  Of course Robert Rodriguez, Guy Ritchie, and Quentin Tarantino are in the same favorite section but a whole other class.  I love the way these guys tell stories. The story is the crux.  The crucial part that makes bad acting ok, cheesy effects work, or lack of money inspiring.  All these things are magnified when the story is bad, and with a lot of movies these days the magnifying glass must be wore out.  For me I love a simple age old story told with outlandish circumstances.  Wes Anderson is classic for this type of story telling.  What actually happens in the movie is so outlandish that it is almost ridiculous but he uses it to tell a simple story, which brings me to possibly my all time favorite movie.  ”The Royal Tenenbaums”.  I love this movie like it’s crack.  The story is so good and the cast is absolutely amazing which in turn makes the acting superb.  The music Anderson uses in his movies make every scene.  It feels like he is using every medium he can to get what he is saying across.  The music is a character in itself.  SO GOOD!

Oddly enough for the past two weeks or so I have not been watching a lot of movies.  Time is more tight so most times I just simply don’t have the time.  It has been nice to be quite honest.  Maybe a new chapter has opened in my life, or maybe it is just a hiatus, either way I am enjoying where I am.


September 21st, 2010




This is a difficult subject, everyone is so different.  To one person joy can come so easily than with someone else, but yet that same person can experience sadness just as fast as the joy, or vica versa.  We all experience emotion and wear emotion differently.

Case in point; I am very exaggerated, not always, but when it comes to new things or options or possibilities, actually it is with most things.  I get excited very easily and sometimes can be disappointed but usually the dissapointment fades after a while.  Now on the other side of that there is my wife, Jen.  She is not exaggerated except for on occasion.  Although she is not overbearing outwardly excited she is excited, just wearing it differently.  Of course I mistake that sometimes as her not liking whatever it is that is in question.  Neither one of us is wrong or right, just wonderfully different.

I am sitting here on the couch while Jen is playing our new music for our friend visiting from Texas.  Listening to the music without trying to practice it, figure it out again or any kind of  agenda is nice.  Whilst typing I am just listening and reliving the emotions we were feeling and going through when we wrote the songs.  There were a lot of emotions that Tim and I were experiencing at that time, it wasn’t long ago in time, but that place in our life feels like forever ago. Of course it could be right around the corner, either way we were feeling so tapped out with the thoughts of who we were or trying to figure out what “kind” of music we wanted to write.  That’s how we started… then… we just started writing and singing and it just came naturally.  We didn’t try and coax it to be what we thought it should be, we just did it.  It was an amazing feeling.  It was an experience I will always remember.  There were definitely times when I felt like I couldn’t write words or melodies to save my life but it was ok in the end because Tim was there to take up the slack when I felt like quitting and likewise with him.  We were a team and we banded together again.

It feels like sometimes you have to remind yourself to feel certain emotions, to push through the crap and find what it is you want to say.  There is always something to say, even when you do it quietly.  Jen once told me after watching a movie with a great love story that sometimes we forget to act like we are in love.  Sometimes life happens and I forget to create opportunities for great emotions to be experienced like LOVE, AFFECTION, LAUGHTER, JOY, KINDNESS, GRACE.  I think I am doing better, at least I know now what I can lack if I am not careful.

So… happy emotion hunting.