August 18th, 2011

Something New

We started using this old school method of recording vocal melodies and harmonies on this record. It’s nice not being shoved into a small vocal isolation booth for a change.

This is for a song we call Something New. Steven is working his crazy upper ranges here -

August 8th, 2011

In a parade that children lead...

Steven and I are family oriented people. We love our parents, our brother and our sister-in-laws. We love our wives and our kids. As you probably know by now, I have a son named Ezra. But what you may not know, is Steven and Jen are adopting a little baby girl in about two weeks!! He leaves us here in Germany tomorrow morning at 6am to go home and begin a family. He will return in due time to continue our European invasion! Wish them all the luck and best of wishes as they become parents. We’ll post updates on the growing family…

These next couple of studio videos are in honor of my little creation. His name is Ezra and he’s the real super star! This video proves it showing him completely natural in only a collar shirt and a diaper. He’s about to track some drums but then suddenly changes his mind and wants to lay a tambourine track instead. But before he can do that he’s got to close the door, because that’s what we do.

This first video has the track “Parade” playing in the background, a new song that will be on our new full length record. His voice was not recorded here because we can’t yet predict when he’s actually going to sing, but if this note would of been recorded it would have been used! It’s in time and in key!!

And this is the collar shirt and diaper video I was telling you about.

July 28th, 2011

OT - Original Tim

I was trying to sound natural as I counted in the chorus of new song for effect on the recording. But it kept coming off like hip-hop. All I could hear in my head as I did this was that song that came out in the l 90′s by Coolio “Sumpin’ New” (1 2 3 4 get your woman on the floor, gotta gotta get up to get down, gotta gotta get up to get down…) Remember?

Anyways I ended up re-tracking all the vocals for this song so we didn’t even use all this hard work!

July 21st, 2011

Tracking Head Lights

We are now FINALLY hooked up to the internet. It’s slow (3G usb stick) but it works! And we have a little video for you below.

The studio has been all we hoped it would be. Steven has been tracking some incredibly LOUD but awesome fuzz guitar and I’ve been taking naps on the comfy designer chair in the sun; between vocal takes. We’re drinking a lot of German beer and loving the mid afternoon coffee/cake breaks. Thanks to the many miles that we must bike to get…anywhere, we hope to stay the same size!

I shot this video of Steven tracking guitars for Head Lights. Many thanks to Josh of JHS pedals for the life changing fuzz tone. The pedal is called “the bunrunner” and it was made for us by Josh and his team; without it we would not know the amazing beauty of fuzz that we now know.

Talk soon
The Enemy Lovers

May 24th, 2011

Moving to Germany to record a full length album!!

Our dreams have converged in Germany, where we will do what we want for a change, and make our first full length album of new music that inspires us!  For the past two years we were “encouraged” to be what they (record labels) wanted and to not make any big moves because they would want a clean slate to work with. But we have only released an EP of 6 songs in 2 years and our goal is to change that! And freaking make a mess of our clean slate!!

From the beginning, record label execs were bending their ears to our sound.  Even before our “band” had a name.  We were flattered, and excited.  This seemed like the beginning of something great. After a year of waiting, we were stuck in limbo.  Waiting for someone to make it happen for us.  Still having only released our ep.  We continued to play shows during that time making new fans throughout the south east.  Our single “Coming Down” even became the #1 listener requested song on a popular Birmingham, Alabama radio station. The problem was that we still believed the key to success was a “label”.  After 2 years there were still no label offers, no plans for recording and very little money left.

Now we are just going to do it, a DIY project!  And give you and all our other fans a chance to contribute!  Make a donation in the right column if you love the 3 new live music videos of new unreleased songs and want them to get recorded. We’ll keep in touch and sign up for our newsletter to get updates. Thanks for being a fan and an enemy lover!!

You can also listen to our Graffiti Track to get a feel for the new music we are getting ready to make.