June 21st, 2011

UPDATE! The Last Ride / Saturday 4pm

Our 1 final live performance will be this Saturday at 4pm EST in our tour van while driving through Asheville, NC! THE LAST RIDE before we sell the van and move to Germany. We only have room for 10!! Each rider gets to pick one song for us and then we’ll play a couple of our personal favorites.


- This is how you can get a seat on “THE LAST RIDE”. CLICK HERE and sign up for our email newsletter! (if you haven’t already), look for an email invite sent from us tomorrow evening June 22 at 8pm and respond with a single name. The first 10 names get a seat!

PS_Keep an eye on your spam folder too because a lot of email clients send any emails that look even close to spam, to spam. For the future add our email address to your contacts to assure that you get our emails. Thanks

June 10th, 2011


We are happy to announce our “Farewell Show”! An intimate (45 seat) acoustic show featuring The Enemy Lovers and Justin Miles. Justin Miles will be traveling with us to Germany to record an EP at the end of June. We begin recording our full length in July. To say goodbye before we leave we will be performing at Brevard Music Studio on June 16, 2011 (thursday night) at 8pm. Tickets are $15 which we’ll be personally pre-selling due to limited seating. Comment below if you’d like to buy one and we’ll figure out a way to make the exchange.  All profits go to recording in Germany.  We look forward to seeing you!

June 8th, 2011

The Last Ride - Acoustic Show in our Van (Limited Seating!!!)

As you probably know by now, we’re selling all our stuff to get to Germany and make our first full length album. One of the things we are selling is our tour van. It has been our tour van since we started. It holds so many memories from the past 2 years. We want to give it one last ride around Asheville. So we are doing a special acoustic show in our van while riding through Asheville. We have room for 10! And each person on the ride gets 1 request which will make up our 10 song set!!
Stay tuned for when and how to get a seat on “The Last Ride”!!

January 19th, 2011

The Tightrope

Well two big gigs on the near horizon…

We are playing at the beer festival in Beech Mountain this weekend and the Guest List show is right around the corner.  After playing two to three months of Thursday’s at Stella’s it will be nice to play a more set show.  With the Thursday nights we tried to take a different approach than “normal” shows.  We were hoping people could experience more the creative process of a band instead of the final product.  It was a great and not so great idea.

Listening back to some of the research recordings, there were times when it was so amazing. When you could feel the mood and the creativity flowing in a direction that somehow we all were following together, although it was never rehearsed.  Something that usually only the band feels or is a part of in their practices.  Of course like anything that has it’s up and amazing time we had our equally down and “I can’t believe we are letting people hear this” time.  To be honest there were probably only a few people who could hear the things I am talking about but still it was a bit embarrassing.  In what we were trying for that is something you have to risk.  Everything has it’s amazing as well as it’s rock bottoms.  They are both equal learning and changing experiences.  I say it was a great and not so great idea only because it is a bit out of the norm.  Usually in their hometown a band has to think about over saturation.  Playing to many shows and burning out their fans.  Honestly I don’t think we did this but it was something we thought about at first.  Not to mention giving people reasons to not come out and experience it with us because of the mindset, “I will just go next week.”  In the end we just threw our hands up and said “To hell with it, we’re doing it.”    When all else fails do something crazy, right?!  After taking a break from Thursday nights in preparation of our Guest List Show, we have had time to look back at all the Thursday nights and honestly I think it was exactly what we needed to do.  Tim and I went through more emotions, feelings, and questions through the course of those months than in the two previous years.  We learned, shouted, laughed, thought about quitting, felt like rock stars, argued, and many other things. But in the end we became more aware of who we are as artists, even more confident in the choices we had to make.  Probably one of the best ways to say what Thursday nights were was in one of Seth Godin’s blogs, Why We Prefer Live.  That is exactly what it is for us.  Taking the big leap and seeing where it takes us.  Walking the tightrope of performance and creativity to get something new or experience what we have never experienced before.  It’s messy and wonderful all at the same time.

Our Guest List show is on the 28th of January at The Grey Eagle.  It will be an all ages show for all of our under age fans and the cover is $10.  See you there!

December 20th, 2010

Christmas with The Enemy Lovers

This Thursday is December 23, the night before Christmas Eve. We’re putting away the drums for a special intimate low key seated show.  It’s our thursday “Christmas Special” at Stella’s. It starts at 9pm and it’s free.  There will be christmas lights and egg nog drinks.  Sleigh bells and singing!  Spend a little Christmas time with us.

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