June 8th, 2011

The Last Ride - Acoustic Show in our Van (Limited Seating!!!)

As you probably know by now, we’re selling all our stuff to get to Germany and make our first full length album. One of the things we are selling is our tour van. It has been our tour van since we started. It holds so many memories from the past 2 years. We want to give it one last ride around Asheville. So we are doing a special acoustic show in our van while riding through Asheville. We have room for 10! And each person on the ride gets 1 request which will make up our 10 song set!!
Stay tuned for when and how to get a seat on “The Last Ride”!!

May 24th, 2011

Moving to Germany to record a full length album!!

Our dreams have converged in Germany, where we will do what we want for a change, and make our first full length album of new music that inspires us!  For the past two years we were “encouraged” to be what they (record labels) wanted and to not make any big moves because they would want a clean slate to work with. But we have only released an EP of 6 songs in 2 years and our goal is to change that! And freaking make a mess of our clean slate!!

From the beginning, record label execs were bending their ears to our sound.  Even before our “band” had a name.  We were flattered, and excited.  This seemed like the beginning of something great. After a year of waiting, we were stuck in limbo.  Waiting for someone to make it happen for us.  Still having only released our ep.  We continued to play shows during that time making new fans throughout the south east.  Our single “Coming Down” even became the #1 listener requested song on a popular Birmingham, Alabama radio station. The problem was that we still believed the key to success was a “label”.  After 2 years there were still no label offers, no plans for recording and very little money left.

Now we are just going to do it, a DIY project!  And give you and all our other fans a chance to contribute!  Make a donation in the right column if you love the 3 new live music videos of new unreleased songs and want them to get recorded. We’ll keep in touch and sign up for our newsletter to get updates. Thanks for being a fan and an enemy lover!!

You can also listen to our Graffiti Track to get a feel for the new music we are getting ready to make.


December 27th, 2010


So this Thursday is December 30, the night before New Years Eve!  We’re bringing back out the drums for a special high energy show.  It’s our thursday “New Years Special” at Stella’s. It starts at 9pm and it’s free.  There will be loud music, lots of energy and drinks to toast!  A New Years Eve’s EVE (the night before news years eve) Bash to celebrate the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one.

We’d like to toast the new year with these lyrics from “Be What You Need” (one of our new songs) – “Make your bet, between your heart and head.  Youʼve got to be brave these days, youʼve got to be strong know this.  Hearts always win, Hearts always win. Even after giving in, your heart always wins.  Itʼs been so long, itʼs been so dark.  Itʼs been so wrong, itʼs been so hard.  Whatʼs done is done is done is done, youʼve got to give it up Youʼve got to give it up Youʼve got to give it up Youʼve got to give it up Youʼve got to give it up YOU’VE GOT TO GIVE IT UP!!!!”

If you’ve got friends and family in town let’em know and bring’em down.  Share this news by hitting the little buttons below, thanks!

December 20th, 2010

Christmas with The Enemy Lovers

This Thursday is December 23, the night before Christmas Eve. We’re putting away the drums for a special intimate low key seated show.  It’s our thursday “Christmas Special” at Stella’s. It starts at 9pm and it’s free.  There will be christmas lights and egg nog drinks.  Sleigh bells and singing!  Spend a little Christmas time with us.

December 7th, 2010

Tim and Steven radio interview tonight

To coincide with today’s release of We Can Make It (at 8pm EST), Steven and I will be heading into AshevilleFm radio station for a chat. You can listen online, from everywhere.

Details are as follows:

AshevilleFm Studio A – Fuzzy Bunny Cuddle Time Hour
Dirk Flytrap and The Doctor interview from 7.30pm
Listen/watch online

The band will also be playing a no cover show tomorrow night at Stella’s (college st.) 9pm.  More Details

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