August 25th, 2011

Music Video Misunderstanding

We’re going to clear up a bit of confusion that should of been cleared up AWHILE ago. The main character in the music video for “Coming Down” is not, nor ever was the lead singer in The Enemy Lovers! He is but an actor in an epic tale of a white flag… (click here to watch)

This never seemed to be a serious confusion in my head. But tonight we were hanging out with Desmond Myers (a very talented artist also working with Elephantom – click here to check him out!) at our apartment in Germany, sipping on some great German beer before dinner, and he looks at me and starts laughing. He said that he just figured out, tonight!!, that I was the lead singer and the main character in our music video was just an actor. He had been wondering why he hadn’t seen or met him yet and was thinking maybe we got rid of him and replaced him with me!!

This is hilarious because I’ve actually had several people ask me if he was in the band, but I never paid it any mind.

Oh yeah, and the new album is coming along great!! We are ultra inspired by it thus far.

June 8th, 2011

The Last Ride - Acoustic Show in our Van (Limited Seating!!!)

As you probably know by now, we’re selling all our stuff to get to Germany and make our first full length album. One of the things we are selling is our tour van. It has been our tour van since we started. It holds so many memories from the past 2 years. We want to give it one last ride around Asheville. So we are doing a special acoustic show in our van while riding through Asheville. We have room for 10! And each person on the ride gets 1 request which will make up our 10 song set!!
Stay tuned for when and how to get a seat on “The Last Ride”!!

June 4th, 2011

Ezra on Guitar/My biggest inspiration!

When my nerves are shot and the pressure in my head is too much, this is how I relieve it! This is my biggest inspiration. Ezra! He’s really good and maybe left handed, although he will sometimes hold the guitar right handed. If you ask him to sing you a song he’ll make a 10 second song containing your name and maybe a cool verb like eating or sleeping. These are the amazing parts of life and the parts that make it so hard to leave our families and go to Germany. But we promise to come home…

June 1st, 2011

New Pledge/Get Exclusive Download

One of our fans told us that if each of our followers pledged $37.11, we would make our goal on kickstarter!! (What is Kickstarter?) Even though every dollar of the $20,000 is budgeted with none to spare, it seemed like such a huge feat!! As soon as we heard $37.11 from each fan would reach our goal, we knew it was possible. This was an awesome realization for us! We immediately went to our campaign (Click to see!) and created a new pledge for $37. (We tried to make it for exactly $37.11 but the program rounds it off automatically.) So if you’re thinking that your money isn’t any good to us in light of our goal of $20,000 – STOP thinking that! It’s exactly what we need!! Some from each fan will make this project successful. Pledge at least this amount and we will send you an exclusive never before released demo song RIGHT AWAY!! If you can’t make this amount, team up with another fan and we will send you both this exclusive first version demo song. Kickstarter incentives are normally redeemed after the deadline and goal is reached, but we wanted you to know, that we know, that you are doing everything you can to help us reach our goal! And for that we want you to have something special now.

The feelings we’ve been through, putting ourselves out there to raise money (or rather asking people to believe in us so much they pledge their money!!), are humbling and intense. But it’s an incredible feeling to be supported directly by fans! Remember, if we don’t meet our goal on kickstarter, NO money is exchanged.

With this new pledge not only will you get the unreleased demo song NOW, but you will also get an advance WAV download of the NEW ALBUM before it’s released to the public, WAV downloads of our EP and Explode B-sides (if you don’t already have them…), the exclusive enemy lovers ring tone (which we will send to you so you can upload it to your phone!), your name listed on our website/facebook page as a supporter of the album and access to a protected link on our website of behind the scenes footage.

So go, pledge, and new music is yours!!!

May 24th, 2011

Moving to Germany to record a full length album!!

Our dreams have converged in Germany, where we will do what we want for a change, and make our first full length album of new music that inspires us!  For the past two years we were “encouraged” to be what they (record labels) wanted and to not make any big moves because they would want a clean slate to work with. But we have only released an EP of 6 songs in 2 years and our goal is to change that! And freaking make a mess of our clean slate!!

From the beginning, record label execs were bending their ears to our sound.  Even before our “band” had a name.  We were flattered, and excited.  This seemed like the beginning of something great. After a year of waiting, we were stuck in limbo.  Waiting for someone to make it happen for us.  Still having only released our ep.  We continued to play shows during that time making new fans throughout the south east.  Our single “Coming Down” even became the #1 listener requested song on a popular Birmingham, Alabama radio station. The problem was that we still believed the key to success was a “label”.  After 2 years there were still no label offers, no plans for recording and very little money left.

Now we are just going to do it, a DIY project!  And give you and all our other fans a chance to contribute!  Make a donation in the right column if you love the 3 new live music videos of new unreleased songs and want them to get recorded. We’ll keep in touch and sign up for our newsletter to get updates. Thanks for being a fan and an enemy lover!!

You can also listen to our Graffiti Track to get a feel for the new music we are getting ready to make.