December 13th, 2011

My Change

First off..


I have been out of the internet world for a while, since before I left for Germany.  I haven’t tweeted outside of the infrequent retweet of The Enemy Lovers news as it comes and as far as facebook goes, I have just barely been checking it.

It’s weird, ever since getting back from Germany I have not been able to make myself think about it or remember to even do it.  When I was there I had no phone, no car, practically no internet, no constant email checking, no texting, no tv, not much of anything except family and music.  The main thing I was without while I was there was my wife so everything felt unsettled even if just a little, like I was on vacation but still working.  Very strange feeling that I was not really prepared for but I had to make do.

So for five weeks I pretty much only checked email Jen’s emails and deleted everything else.  Outside of Skype, that was pretty much my only interaction on the internet.  Upon returning home I waited about four days to turn my phone back on and enjoyed the feeling of being undercover in my own home.  No crazy texts telling everyone I was home, no emails saying that it was good to be home just me being home with Jen.  It was a great four days!  Two weeks later…

Emma Grace Scroggs!

One of the reasons I came home from Germany earlier and Jen was not able to come was because we were adopting our beautiful baby girl.  She was born on August 22 and is the most perfect and best thing in the world!  So not only was I out of practice with “social networking” becasue of Germany, now I had Emma Grace to take up all my free time and I was not about to give any of it up!  Some of you have seen her thanks to Jen’s multiple photo updates on facebook but for me I was satisfied not worrying about keeping my updates updated.  Emma Grace is three months old now and the fog has been clearing so I thought it was time to come out of my shell a bit.

There are so many things in my life that I thought would change because of Emma Grace, and things I thought would never change.  The weirdness was when the things that did change were not things I expected to change.  You hear horror stories and so many people tried to scare us with so many ridiculous notions about how life will never be the same and you will never have your life the way it used to be.  Such rubbish!  My life did change, and I will never have the life I used to have but it is all about the perspective.  In life change is the only constant.  Most of the time my perspective on things I don’t want to change make me feel horrible when they do change because I don’t think they should change.  But like I said, in life change is the only constant.  Change is actually the most beautiful part of life that seems to get put on life’s naughty list unles we embrace it.  Of course we love change when it is a promotion or a raise, a new car, or a second pet because we want that change.  We are actually hoping for it! But it is the change that leads us into the dark or takes us by surprise where we lose hope.  I bet if we were to think about all the times we were left in the dark of our lives because of change, are the times that brought us into such happiness and hope even if just for a couple minutes.  Once we learn how to live inside the change, life feels more at ease and we experience more peace.  Of course then routine starts to take its toll.  This is where a lot of times I sit troubled.  I hate routine and the feeling of the same things but I despise change that is trying to take it away.  This is one of my greatest ironic moments!  So I embrace change.  Sometimes it is easy but most times it takes grace, a lot of grace!  My life is completely different, change has come in with a broom that has disrupted most of it but why fight it.  I have the memories of my past life which I cherish but to experience them everyday would become mundane and suck the life right out of them.  I could of chosen to not adopt Emma Grace but then I would be who I was and not who I am, and I like who I am now.  I like the new version of me that has walked out of the dark room with not just things but another human life.  She is one of my greatest successes and she is only three months old.  Tomorrow change will come again and the day after and so on bringing me into more dark rooms in life and more places of rough seas but…

In life change is the only thing that is constant.  Cherish the memories of before and embrace it!

Talk again soon



December 6th, 2011

Christmastime Is Here - TEL Special Video

Christmastime is here!  It always amazes us how everything feels different this time of year, even if it’s feeling the expectation that you should be feeling something different.  I don’t know if it’s a conditioned emotion or my upbringing, but either way, we do love the authentic heart and meaning of Christmas. (not all the “Black Friday Stampede” merchandising mentality!!)  This season is special. You have a free pass to say all the cheesy stuff you never get a chance to say, right now!  So go and tell everyone you love what you haven’t yet said.

Steven and I wanted to do something special for you this Christmas, so we got together and recorded Vince Guaraldi’s “Christmastime Is Here” from Charlie Brown’s Christmas.  This is probably our favorite christmas song ever.  Love and Peace to everyone!


Tim and Steven

PS_If you love the song and want to add it to your Christmas playlist, click here and download the MP3 for FREE as our gift to you!

November 22nd, 2011

Tim to sing U2's Joshua Tree

When I first got home from Germany I was approached by a friend from Birmingham about potentially singing with “Black Jacket Symphony” (their facebook page here) on their upcoming performances of U2′s Joshua Tree. BJS is a band that liken themselves to a symphony performing a piece by Beethoven, but in their case they perform iconic rock albums note for note, beginning to end. (On the BJS youtube channel you can watch videos of their performances from The Beatles “Abbey Road” to Led Zeppelin IV to Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors”)

Sandy (our friend in B’ham) immediately thought of me to be the voice of Bono for the bands U2 shows.  She was the one that produced our “Live Van Videos” (click here to see vids) and so she sent BJS to our website to check me out as a preliminary audition.  They loved it, I auditioned (by recording my voice over some cheesy karaoke track!!), and got the gig!

The show is a 3 night performance Dec. 29, 30, and 31 at Workplay Theatre in Birmingham, AL.  Click here for tickets.  We will be performing U2′s Joshua Tree for the 1st set and some greatest hits for the 2nd set.

I’m very excited about this gig!  And I know it’s far away but I still hope to see you there…

October 11th, 2011

Something New LIVE in Germany

This was the first show I’ve done in 3 yrs without my brother Steven. Needless to say I was anxious and practiced intensely, learning his parts as well as mine. My neighbor downstairs gave me a couple raps on the floor, during my 2 hour full voice and foot stomping practice sessions! Not only was I playing the show alone but the set was 1 1/2 hours long. I was pretty much playing everything I knew plus the new one’s we just wrote in the studio.

The good news is, I killed it! I played everything better than thought I would. I was locked into the moment. Bad news is, I completely bombed “Coming Down”, the song I’ve played most in the past 3 yrs. I know it backwards, forwards and any other direction, but I think I jinxed myself by telling the crowd how this was the first show without Steven in awhile. Oh well, Meagan said that most people there that didn’t know the song wouldn’t be able to tell. (I sang the whole song in a weird different key while playing all the right chords. I could NOT find the melody!) I’ll be glad to have Steven back on Nov. 3 at LAB in Asheville NC. (more show info)

In this live video I’m singing ‘Something New’ (I had just re-written new lyrics for the verses a week before and I was anxious to see how they communicated live before I went in the studio and re-recorded the vocals)

And lastly I’d like to thank Meagan and Gabi (our producer Nicolas’ wife) for the unintentional backing vocals!

October 4th, 2011

Back in the USSA!

Been away so long I hardly knew the place
Gee, it’s good to be back home
Leave it till tomorrow to unpack my case
Honey disconnect the phone
I’m back in the USSA
You don’t know how lucky you are, boy
Back in the US
Back in the US
Back in the USSA
(lyrics from Beatles song “Back in the USSR”)

We landed in the states a few days ago and the jet lag has worn off just enough for me to write this blog. I’m not going to get into the “whole” story of our trip right now, because it’s a long one! Just know that the last 3 months went by in a blur. When I woke up here our first morning back it almost felt like it didn’t happen.

Steven and I loved being in Germany making the music that we were made to make. Our time there was amazing and inspiring but it had it’s difficult moments too. We’re going to try and tell you the whole story over the course of the next several blogs… because who has time to read long blog entries anyway, right?

Steven and I are finished with the recording/editing phase of the new album. We have not set a release date yet but if you really want to hear the new songs, we’ll be playing at LAB on Nov. 3 with Doc Aquatic, Winter Sounds and Rocketboys. It will be worth all 800 pennies! Click here for more details and RSVP/SHARE FACEBOOK event.

Now enough with that, let’s begin the tale of the two boys that went around the world to create sound…

It starts here, this is the first video we took in Germany. You can see the studio where we recorded the music and watch as we get things set up, and by “we” I mean Nicolas and Christian! This is where the story begins.

Talk soon.