October 4th, 2011

Back in the USSA!

Been away so long I hardly knew the place Gee, it’s good to be back home Leave it till tomorrow to unpack my case Honey disconnect the phone I’m back in the USSA You don’t know how lucky you are, boy Back in the US Back in the US Back in the USSA (lyrics from

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September 8th, 2011

Right time for an out-of-tune guitar

As some of you may have heard or read on our blog, Steven went back to the States a few weeks ago to adopt a baby girl with his wife Jen. Funny how plans of dreams and dreams of plans get all intertwined. Steven and Jen are now parents of a beautiful petite baby girl

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August 25th, 2011

Music Video Misunderstanding

We’re going to clear up a bit of confusion that should of been cleared up AWHILE ago. The main character in the music video for “Coming Down” is not, nor ever was the lead singer in The Enemy Lovers! He is but an actor in an epic tale of a white flag… (click here to

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August 18th, 2011

Something New

We started using this old school method of recording vocal melodies and harmonies on this record. It’s nice not being shoved into a small vocal isolation booth for a change. This is for a song we call Something New. Steven is working his crazy upper ranges here

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August 16th, 2011

The view from where I stand

This little band is working a bit of magic on the streets of Regensburg, Germany that only a handful of people in the world will ever experience. This is also my family and my friends who have joined me on this exploration of life and it’s mysteries. This is pure enlightenment. This is the view

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