Genre: alt-indie/rock
Hometown: Asheville, NC
Record Label: Independent

For the past three years, The Enemy Lovers have been on the brink of becoming the “next big thing”, meeting with record label execs, flying to NYC for showcases and signing a publishing deal with Chrysalis Music Group based in LA. It all began in Atlanta, GA where brothers Tim and Steven Scroggs recorded 10 songs with producer Dan Hannon (Manchester Orchestra), six of which became their debut self-titled/self-released EP. The EP immediately gained momentum, as the single “Coming Down” became the “#1 Listeners Requested Song” in Birmingham, AL; the same city to launch Pearl Jam, Matchbox 20 and John Mayer. Don Ienner, IMO president/owner and the former Sony Music chief (Destiny’s Child, Franz Ferdinand, John Mayer, Modest Mouse) called their second single “Enemies” a potential #1 hit.

The Enemy Lovers are Tim (lead vocals/guitar) and Steven (lead guitar/BGV) with support from rotating band members in 2009-2010 to tour on the sudden success of the EP. After doing several radio interviews, festivals, and opening for Pete Yorn and Tim Reynolds, they began headlining their own shows. They built a dedicated regional fan-base and a frequented band website blog. The time came for TEL to record new music. But in the current economic crisis, they along with many other indie bands found it much easier to do it themselves. Already tired of the record label runaround they decided to take full control of their future.

In the summer of 2010, hot up-and-coming music producer Nicolas Balachandran (Paper Tongues) made a guest appearance in The Enemy Lovers rehearsal space in Asheville, NC. Having heard the buzz on the band, he came in town expressing his interest in collaborating with the band. Tim, Steven, and Nicolas set-up a make shift studio that day in their rehearsal space. The creatively charged sessions over the course of two weeks produced an unreleased 14 song demo un-officially called “Asheville Days”. This collaboration was the catalyst for the bands new momentum. Balachandran, who lives and owns a studio in Regensburg, Germany suggested a completely new direction: Come to Germany, record a full length album and try it out on the European market.

During the year it took to lay the groundwork for the move, the band landed a weekly residence at Asheville club, Stella Blue which provided a place for the them to experiment with the new music made with Balachandran. In July 2011, The Enemy Lovers landed in Germany to embark on the next phase of their careers.

The Enemy Lovers are currently in Germany working on their self financed first full length album with Nicolas Balachandran at Elephantom Studios.

You can hear samples of the original demos in a track they’ve posted on their website called “Graffiti”.

filmed in Asheville, NC on May 25, 2010

Below is the full in-depth un-edited video w/ Tim & Steven.
(Text summary and the edited HD video coming soon!)