Something New LIVE in Germany

This was the first show I’ve done in 3 yrs without my brother Steven. Needless to say I was anxious and practiced intensely, learning his parts as well as mine. My neighbor downstairs gave me a couple raps on the floor, during my 2 hour full voice and foot stomping practice sessions! Not only was I playing the show alone but the set was 1 1/2 hours long. I was pretty much playing everything I knew plus the new one’s we just wrote in the studio.

The good news is, I killed it! I played everything better than thought I would. I was locked into the moment. Bad news is, I completely bombed “Coming Down”, the song I’ve played most in the past 3 yrs. I know it backwards, forwards and any other direction, but I think I jinxed myself by telling the crowd how this was the first show without Steven in awhile. Oh well, Meagan said that most people there that didn’t know the song wouldn’t be able to tell. (I sang the whole song in a weird different key while playing all the right chords. I could NOT find the melody!) I’ll be glad to have Steven back on Nov. 3 at LAB in Asheville NC. (more show info)

In this live video I’m singing ‘Something New’ (I had just re-written new lyrics for the verses a week before and I was anxious to see how they communicated live before I went in the studio and re-recorded the vocals)

And lastly I’d like to thank Meagan and Gabi (our producer Nicolas’ wife) for the unintentional backing vocals!

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