NEW UNRELEASED SONGS (live music videos)

Below we’ve posted 3 new unreleased songs that we recorded live in Birmingham, AL with an incredible video/audio team, headed up by our good friend Sandy Phillips. We’d like to thank her and the guys she brought together; Randal Crowe, Calvin Osborne, Jeremy Burns and Jay Johnson (See them here in the behind the scenes footage that we got). We filmed, recorded and performed these songs whilst driving around in the back of our van in the heat of the day! Needless to say it was HOT, because it’s Birmingham and we had to kill the AC for sound quality. But we had an amazing time!

If you dig these new songs and want them to be recorded, make a donation (in the right column) to help with the recording cost. We’ve sold everything and put it all on the line to do something we believe in; so we’re headed to Germany to make a full album. (Read the story here) Thanks and enjoy!

Catch the behind the scenes footage taken by yours truly here.

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