Ivan and Alyosha! Who?

Don’t miss this show…THE ENEMY LOVERS will be sharing the stage with Ivan and Alyosha on Feb. 24 (this Thurs. night!) at Lexington Ave Brewery (back stage) in Asheville NC – Doors 9:30pm $5 21+

An Enemy Lovers New Artist Review…

Ivan and Alyosha’s new 5 song album entitled “Father’s Be Kind” feels important. (click here to listen) It’s big and commanding of attention, with momentous rhythms and fluid vocal melodies and harmonies.  As understated as it is at times, it rolls in a continuous motion upward.  I can’t place what this album sounds like, but the feeling from the start is open, like a gate held wide to let you in.

The vibrant first song and title track “Father’s Be Kind” is the soundtrack for the final pages of a great story.  ”I Was Born To Love Her” is the love song of the album.  Big crashes and breakdowns with waves of background vocals give it the authentic feeling of epic true love.”Everything is Burning” is beautifully moving at each turn, from verse, to chorus, to the whistle solo near the end.  Then they hit you with “Living For Someone”!  It builds on everything before and takes it higher, with great oh-oh-oh’s and a perfect bass line.  The last song is old school gospel and Dylan, with the same songwriting wisdom.

“Father’s Be Kind” comes off with ease, with no sign of trying too hard or forcing an imitation of something else popular.  Half of this album’s worth to the world of music is in it’s originality, and the other half in how easy it is on the ears.  Ivan and Alyosha have made something unique and incomparable.

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