Who will produce our next record?

Finding a producer is like finding a wife.  You can ask all the right questions but how do you really know if they are the one?  And making music is making love.  It bears all the same healthy and unhealthy emotional vulnerabilities with in it’s process.  This is why you see bands break up while making a record.  Everything gets crazy in a room full of over tired creative types all hopped up on caffeine and afraid of being misrepresented.  But once you find the magic, all the relationships somehow find this beautiful harmony!  The hard part is getting through, together, alive!

Now that we made it through (our last breakup) together and alive we’re looking for that special someone again!

Our update is that we’ve narrowed it down to two.  We’ve talked to the first and I have to be honest, he said all the right things according to me.  I’ve learned over the past few years that you have to hold your cards close to your chest when talking to a new prospect for producer.  I feel like when I’ve said too much it has only supplied them with the right things to say and names to drop when I’m wary of the way things are being produced.  My own words are then used at me to regain my confidence.  It compromises really knowing what they’re envisioning.  And I want to know how they honestly hear it sounding.

So in our talk we let Mike Daly from LA speak.  Mike is currently writing and producing many artists, some with whom he has worked include Whiskeytown (Ryan Adams), Stephen Kellogg, the Pernice Brothers, Ambulance LTD, Patrick Park, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Marie Digby, Georgia, The Plain White T’s, Jessie Baylin and Donavon Frankenreiter.  We asked epic questions of grand proportions and his responses genuinely intrigued me.  There were some amazing things said on the call and it show signs of being an incredible match up.  He could most definitely be the one.  It’s happening so quick though and on one hand it feels like fate but on the other it almost seems to easy.  It feels so fast.  We had hopes for a fast recovery but this is happening very fast.  We have the songs and we’re ready but LA, in two weeks with someone we’ve never met in person!  If all goes well we will be in LA recording by the middle of March!  Can you believe that?

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