While my guitar gently bleeds. (at Workplay Theatre)

So the show at Workplay (Birmingham AL) was absolutely amazing!  The energy of the place this past Wednesday night was engaging.  If it had to end, “Love You Live” was the best way to end something that was becoming so great.  Live 100.5 played our music when most other stations stuck in the bureaucracy of the industry would never even listen to it because they have no control over what they play on air.  Like it or not!  And when the fans started responding to our song ‘Coming Down’ in Birmingham Alabama, Live 100.5 played it even more!  We were honored to have been a part of this show.  And thank the people at Live 100.5 for everything they did and were trying to do.  It’s sad to see it go.

Now I must have lost myself in the energy of the night because half way through our set I looked down and most of my hand was covered in blood!  I noticed it because I saw splatters on the Workplay stage and I freaked out for a second in my head when I looked at my bloody hand and blood splattered on my guitar.  We started our set with ‘Feel It’.  It was feeling good, no pun intended.  Then we went into ‘Circles’ one of my personal favorite songs to play live.  People were singing the oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohs with us and I may have already started bleeding by this point but I hadn’t noticed yet.  Then after Circles we went into a Johnny Cash cover of ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’.  That just pushed everything over the top.  The band was tearing this song up!!!  After we finished I notice the blood spots on the stage, then my guitar then I look at my hand and I’m like holy S@%$!  I’m bleeding!  A pretty good bit too.  I had done this once before while we were filming the music video last month so I didn’t completely lose it but I was (as un-rock and roll as it is) a little concerned!  The show must go on and I didn’t feel light headed so I took the band into ‘Enemies’.  A very appropriate song to bleed to, I think.  The whole song I’m thinking about my finger though so I end up not getting into it at all.  But between ‘Enemies’ and our new song ‘Light Up Pt. 1′ I bring up to the crowd the fact that I cut my finger on my guitar somehow and then I suddenly I felt better.  Now I’m feeling like some cool punk historical moment type thing with blood everywhere.  It’s like Sid Vicious stuff!  Then we started into our new song ‘Light Up Pt. 1′ on a completely different plane then we ever had before, bleeding and singing!  We ended our set with ‘Coming Down’ which I reminded the crowd they used to play on 100.5 last year but then stopped for some reason not by any fault of them!  They all laughed with us and then sang the song that they used to sing with the radio right there with us live at Workplay Theatre.  Love You Live and bleeding.  To everyone that was there thank you for supporting the music!

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